Do you think the united states should get more involved in the syrian war? yes or no, if yes do you think we will regret it in the future?

Laura, Mackenzie, Jenna Bridgitte
05/31/2013 6:40am

We could stay away from the war, but when it gets so bad we would have to fight. But for now we can just stay out of the conflict that shouldn't be ours. Most of the time we are only there because we are greedy and want their mineral resources...

Caleb "McStuffins Octavius Cassius Lucius The 3rd"
05/31/2013 6:46am

No we should not. We should let them fight it out they started it they can finish it.

Squilliam Mathias Christianos IV and Rian
05/31/2013 6:47am

I think we should stay out of the Syrian Civil war for now. But if need be we should back the rebels.


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